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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi Neighbor


I'm assuming most of you found this blog because of my guest post on Jon Acuff's Stuff Christian's Like. If you didn't, then you must be deep into the Google search results. I can't even imagine what you were actually looking for.

First, I'd like to thank Jon for allowing me to squat on his internet property for a day. It's truly an honor. I think Jon is an awesome writer and I've been reading his blog for several years.

Second, thank you for checking my little blog. I've been doing this for just about a year. I'm finally starting to come to grips with the fact that I'm not a bad writer (you may disagree after you read some posts). Feel free to click around and check out my posts. There may be one or two that contain some grown-up language, but not many.

A little about myself: I live in Fresno, CA which isn't really as bad as people say. I've been writing for a while, but I never really shared any of it. I've been saved for about three years. It's quite a journey considering how I used to feel (read more here).

The post that was published on Jon's site was one that I actually started writing about two years ago. I do that a lot. I'll start to write something and leave it for a while and then come back to it. Anyway, I started it and left it. Then, I saw this post on Jon's site and one of the comments about an introvert not attending a charismatic church made me go back and finish it.

When I finished it, I thought about it for about two minutes and then sent it to Jon. Alomost instantly I had that what the heezie did I just do feeling. I wasn't sure how Jon operated, so I didn't know if I would get a canned rejection email or what. Then one day, I was...um...sitting somewhere...by myself...looking at my cell phone (I'll let you guess where) when I saw the email saying my post would be published! I only told a small handful of people up until just the other day. I'm weird like that.

Also, let me explain my Twitter handle: @RabbiDoom.

When I was in high school, way back in the carefree days of the late 1990's, I was in the school's production of Fiddler on the Roof. In this production, I played the Rabbi. During the time rehearsal was going on, some friends and I went to play laser tag. I had to come up with a nickname, so I chose Rabbi of Doom. Apparently this was too long, so whoever entered it into the computer shortened it to RabbiDoom and I've used it ever since. You should follow me. I honestly don't tweet all that much, but I might start now.

I follow and know some pretty cool writers, check out their links too.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to shoot me an email at erniegarcia95 at gmail.com, or leave a comment here.

Thanks for lookin'!



  1. The picture at the end had me rolling. Hilarious

  2. LOVED your post on SCL. Thanks for the laugh today!!

  3. Loved your post today on SCL. And you are correct...you are NOT a bad writer. :) Yes, that was a compliment.

    Enjoy the spike in traffic. One time I posted a funny comment (a COMMENT!) on SCL and got several hundred hits and a few subscribers. I can only imagine what a guest post might rake in.

    (a fellow charismatic from a hip church)

  4. I agree! Your post on SCL was very funny! However, this post was pretty funny and somehow informative. I'm still pondering where you might have been sitting... oh. nevermind.


  5. Whatchoo talkin bout, Willis? *does cartwheel*

    Great post on SCL!