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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What have I gotten myself into?

Yesterday, I made a "pact" with Brina Harwood.

We are both going to be updating our blogs on a regular basis. I think we both felt that if someone else was doing it, it would keep us both accountable--like we were joining Weight Watchers or something.

We agreed to make a certain number of posts each week. Tuesday is a posting day. Now, here I am...not knowing what the heck to write! My great-grandmother would've likened this situation to being broken-hearted, having paid a nickel for something and only doing something else...hopefully you know that old saying.

Anywho, I have plenty of things I've written in the past that could go up here and some of them may make it one day, but nothing seemed "right."

I can tell you that future posts will be much more exciting and maybe even have some substance. There may be some humor, but I'm actually not very funny in writing. I'm funny in person and people have suggested I should do stand-up, but I'm not a good joke writer. I think I came up with one stand-up-style joke, but not much else.

I'm also much more eloquent in writing than I am in person. It's probably because I have time to think about what to say.

I may share some scenes or monologues that I've written here. Perhaps some poetry,  but, it's not my specialty. If you want good poetry, you need to hear some by Juana Echeveste-Davis--maybe she should get a blog.

I have a David-Seadris-esque animal story that may see the light of day. Would you like to read a poem about a unicorn who farts rainbows? You're in luck! But, that's for a future post.

I'm really good at coming up with bits and pieces. A couple months ago, I came up with a great opening line for a short story. I've got it about half-way done. I promise to put it up if I ever finish it.

So, in closing, I apologize for wasting your time. I spent a whole post writing about having nothing to write, what I can't write, and what I may or may not write.



  1. New post is up, I started it yesterday, but finished it tonight to try and make the tuesday deadline... it's still Tuesday in Hawaii. "Cheers!"