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Friday, October 14, 2011

Big times are back!

Went to the Fair tonight with Janice.
Here are some things I learned:

1. The people scanning tickets will accept the one you printed at home even if you dropped it in a puddle.

2. People will eat anything if it's deep-fried.

3. Just about everything can be deep-fried.

4. Don't drop your  plate on the table. It spills the salsa.

5. The Democrat booth had candy while the Republican booth did not.

6. It was not David Bowie who was playing, it was Billy Idol.

7. I know more David Bowie songs than I thought.

8. I could be an artist.

9. The following people should enter photographs:
*Janice Wong
*Jennifer Franklin
*Juana Echeveste
*Albina Campos

10. The following people should enter cakes and other food items:
*Tomas Casarez

11. The cinnamon roll stand gives you a wooden fork which sucks.

12. Chickens don't interest me much if they're still alive.

13. People ignore "No Smoking" signs.

14. $14 for a shish kebob plate is a little high (I didn't get it)

15. It's still fun to spin the wheel and buy a bag of rocks in the Gem and Mineral building.

What things have you learned from the Fair this year?


  1. I love buying bags of rocks! Not of the methamphetamine variation either, just the regular old, pretty, sparkly, oddly shaped and or patterned kind neatly sorted in bins. I even had to google how to spell methamphetamine. So there. But the term bag of rocks, kind of has a negative connotation outside of the Gem and Mineral building, especially when you're downtown, or so that's what my NorthWest side mind is telling me. Can you tell I'm tired and that I've spent too much time writing my blog tonight? Longest blog comment ever? Probably, not, but I'm doing my best.... Ok.... Good night!

  2. Well thank you Ernie! I might just do that next year!

  3. LMBO@ Brina's comment. And I thoroughly agree. Bags O' rocks are the business!! Sophia got 3 of them because she couldnt decide which one she wanted more. The rock bag was always my thing at the fair as a kid. So the fact that she was so enthusiastic about it "rocked" my socks. Hahaha..I crack myself up.

    I also noticed the smoking thing...People really have no respect. Just walking around blowing their toxins right toward me and my precious offspring. I guess they didn't get the memo about smoking being a very uncool thing of the past. It went out with pork chop sideburns, and trans-ams so yea..time to get a new habit.

  4. The Trans Am will NEVER go out of style!