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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smorgyboard Saturday--Happy Anniversary

I wasn't quite sure what to do with this week's Smorgyboard Saturday. I checked the calendar and saw that Paul and Alisha Torres celebrate their one year anniversary on Monday. In honor of that, I'm posting the speech I gave at their wedding nearly a year ago.

In true Celebration Church style, I’m going to tell you that this will be brief, but really, it won’t be. And then we’re going to take an offering…kidding, but I hope you’ll bear with me because I’ve been planning what I was going to say here since December 27 (and Paul or Alisha can explain why).

 It’s somewhat cliché to compare the story of two people to a fairy tale, but I think that’s exactly what we have here. Now, I know some people think fairy tales aren’t true or they’re not real, but just because you don’t believe in something, it doesn’t mean it’s not real…but that’s for someone else to speak on.

This story has all the essential elements of a fairy tale. We have the handsome prince, the beautiful princess…the goofy sidekick…

All fairy tales begin with…what? Once upon a time. This one could begin anywhere: once upon a time at the Celebration Church Christmas party, Once upon a time at Teazer’s, Once upon a time at Alisha’s grandparents’ house.…the list goes on and on…

Most fairy tales have an element of magic. Now here’s where we start to deviate a little. This story doesn’t have magic because magic is just deception…it’s why they’re called tricks… What some people call “Magic” is really just God at work—a sign, a wonder, or a miracle. They just call it magic or fate because they don’t know what God can do. This story could not have been written by anybody else but God.

At some point in the story, someone gets swept off their feet. It’s usually the princess, but not in this case. Let’s just say Paul’s the only grown man I’ve ever heard use the word ‘smitten.’

So, we have our characters, our once upon a time, our “magic that’s not really magic,” our smitten…we just need one last thing which is how all fairy tales end: Happily ever after. Well, obviously this story is far from over……Galatians 3:9 says that all who have faith are blessed and made happy and favored by God. John 3:36 says those who have faith are guaranteed eternal life, and Titus1:2 (which really is in the Bible, somewhere in the back) says they have eternal life which God, who does not lie, has promised since before time began. So, Paul and Alisha, being people of faith, have been guaranteed by God because He does not lie, a “happily ever after” even before they came to their once upon a time.

Most fairy tales end with the wedding of the prince and princess, but this one may just be getting started. Or maybe this is just another chapter. Another beginning. Another once upon a time.

So, Paul and Alisha, thank you for allowing me…and all these other people…to be a part of your story. To be a part of this once upon a time…to be a part of your journey towards happily ever after...
 The Happy Couple (Photo by Albina Campos)

And, of course, the Handsome Groomsmen
(Photo by Janice Wong)

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